Keto Sticky Toffee Pudding


Recipe & photos by: Laura Edwards (@brwnbutterbae)

Keto Sticky Toffee pudding

Yield: 8


Pudding Base:

1 cup / The Key Dough One Smart Mix

½ tsp / baking soda

¼ cup / butter

1/3 cup / hot water

2 tbsp / keto maple syrup (optional)

2 / eggs, beaten


Toffee Sauce :

10 / Werther’s No Sugar Added Hard Candies

1 tbsp / butter  

2 tbsp / keto maple syrup (optional)

¼ cup / 35% heavy cream



Preheat oven to 350°F.

Add butter and hot water to a bowl.

Stir until butter has melted.

Whisk in keto maple syrup and eggs.

Add baking soda and One Smart Mix and stir to combine.

Scoop mix into a silicone muffin moulds, filling ¾ of the way to the top.

Place moulds into a metal muffin pan and cover with foil.

Place muffin pan inside a baking dish.

Pour 2 cups of hot water into the bottom of the baking dish, creating a Bain-Marie.

Carefully transfer dish to the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Allow to fully cool after baking. (Option to shave off any cake overflow so they are all level). Invert onto a place and cover with toffee sauce.

Toffee sauce: Add Werther’s candies and butter to a small pot. Allow to melt over medium-low heat. Add in keto maple syrup and heavy cream, whisking vigorously. Simmer until desired consistency.

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